Cbd Vape Starter – Phenopen Review


Cbd Vape Starter

30% of CBD users utilize a vape device and Phenopen is certainly among the very best choices for CBD vape pens in the market.


What is Phenopen?


Phenopen is a high-end brand of CBD vape pens.


Mabsut Life, the company behind the brand, comes from Europe and has been in the business of offering CBD for medical usage for many years.



Cbd Vape Starter



Phenopen Production Quality 


Phenopen was specifically developed for clients to use CBD for medical conditions and does not consist of any additives, thinners or carriers. 


The CBD cartridges contain 100% hemp extract including full-spectrum oil with 59.7% CBD concentration. The company regularly runs tests on its CBD oil produced by its third party laboratories to guarantee consistently high standards of production. The CBD oil is produced by cold pressing unrefined hemp oil so no additives such as MCT Oil, PG or VG are added during the process.


The CO2 method is utilized to draw out terpenes and other non-CBD cannabinoids. These terpenes consist of pinene, menthadiene, cineole and caryophyllene. Non-CBD cannabinoids include cannabigerol (CBG), cannabichromene (CBC), tetra-hydrocannabivarin (THCV) and cannabinol (CBN).


The extract is likewise filtered to get rid of THC as much as possible. Phenopen’s CBD oil has less than 0.2% THC which abides by requirements in the US and Europe.

Cbd Vape Starter

Phenopen Performance


Given that there are no additives, Phenopen only has one flavor but it still tastes excellent.


In fact, it has a really “pure” and rich sensation due to its high CBD concentration without any additives. The quality of the vapor is very high.


I feel calmer after using the Phenopen and it helps to reduce my pain.


It is certainly effective due to the high concentration of CBD.

Cbd Vape Starter


Phenopen Design 


The Phenopen has a long and cylindrical style and has low draw resistance. Its design enables you to discreetly put your Phenopen in your pocket or bag.


As Phenopen utilizes proprietary cartridges, its cartridges fit exceptionally well with the pen for high performance.


You do not need to press a button and the vape pen is activated by drawing. It heats up extremely quickly so you can vape nearly instantly.


If the battery is low, a light will come on to let you know to charge the Phenopen There will be one light pulse at 30% battery, 2 light pulses at 10% and five light pulses at 0% battery. The battery life is exceptionally long and can last a couple of days.


Purchasing Phenopen


When you buy the Phenopen starter set, you get the Phenopen vape pen with battery, CBD cartridge and a charging cable.


The cartridges come in tamper-proof boxes and the product packaging is high quality.


You can only use Phenopen cartridges with the Phenopen battery. The refill cartridges can be purchased in packs of one, four and twelve cartridges.


Phenopen ships to the United States, Canada and Europe and shipping is totally free!


Cbd Vape Starter


Phenopen Price


The normal market price for the Phenopen kit is $149 and you can acquire it at the Phenopen website here.  Nevertheless, there are Phenopen discount coupons you can use to get discounts on this rate. | There are Phenopen vouchers you can make usage of to get discount rates on this price. }


Phenopen Discount Coupon


Cbd Vape Starter

Phenopen is currently running a special deal with a coupon where you can get it for simply $129.


Phenopen Amazon 


Presently, Phenopen can’t be acquired on Amazon. You would need to go to the main Phenopen website to purchase Phenopen.


Phenopen Cartridges 


Consumed your cartridge?


You can get more at the Phenopen website at $40 for 1 cartridge, $128 for 4 cartridges and $348 for 12 cartridges.


Each cartridge has 300 puffs. According to the Phenopen website, beginners are recommended to have 5 puffs a day, intermediate users are recommended to have 10 a day and seasoned users can have 20 puffs a day.


This means that a cartridge will last a newbie 2 months, an intermediate user 1 month and a seasoned user 2 weeks.


Last Thoughts 


The Phenopen is exceptionally high quality with rich CBD vapor and is certainly worth the price. As a full-spectrum oil with 59.7% CBD concentration made from 100% hemp extract, you’re getting the quality you’re spending for.


The mechanism likewise works extremely well.

Cbd Vape Starter

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