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Why is AirVape the very best vaporizer?

When it comes to the vaporizer market, then AirVape inevitably gets the top spot.
AirVape easily beats the competitors because of its streamlined, classy designs and ease of use.

No vaporizer offers a more satisfying vaping experience.

Among the most vital factors that identify the quality of a vaporizer is the richness and smoothness of the vapour.

AirVape, without a doubt, supplies richer and smoother vapour than any other rival in its price range.

With a wide range of models, you can choose the vaporizers for dry herb or oil/concentrates.

Whichever design you choose to purchase, you are going to get the very best vaping experience with elegant, thin however mighty vaporizers.

AirVape OM Review


Vape Bright Pen


With its special shape and terrific might, the AirVape is an exceptional vaporizer.

Shaped much like a pen, this vaporizer is sleek, stylish and easy to carry. The keychain connected to the gadget enables greater portability and will enable you to take your vaping experience to brand-new heights.

This vaporizer is specifically constructed for oils/concentrates; it includes a dual quartz coil; the dual quart coil is a distinct and upgraded tank system for oils/concentrates as it extracts the crucial flavour notes and scents of wax oils while making sure to not rub off any charred flavour on them.

It also comes with 2, long and short covers for universal disposable cartridges. It works with the most number of universal cartridges offered on the market. It can change in between 3 levels of heating, with three various voltage levels which can be displayed with a glowing light on top of the device.

How to utilize the AirVape OM?


For pre-filled cartridges: To position the concentrate cartridge, unscrew the cap over the AirVape OM, then unscrew the atomizer, take the cartridge and screw that within.

Basically all the cartridge replacement procedure involves screwing in and out of the different parts.

If you are using the small-sized cartridge, utilize the smaller cover to put on the vaporizer and vice versa.

For wax concentrates: Loosen the mouthpiece to expose coils. Usage dabbing tool to dab the wax and after that put the mouth piece back on.

After you screw back on the cover, turn on the vaporizer by clicking the power button five times rapidly.

Switch between heating/voltage levels by clicking the power button 3 times.

After selecting the wanted voltage, await 20 seconds for the device to reach the temperature level and then vape!

To charge the device, unscrew the cover and the cartridge, this will expose the battery.

You can attach the charger right on and then plug the device into a power supply.


Vape Bright Pen


How to clean up the AirVape OM?


For all vaporizers, the most crucial thing to keep tidy is the mouthpiece.

In time, due to usage, residue develops on the inner walls of the air flow box and the mouthpiece, so they should be cleaned up regularly.

Use vaporizer cleansing option or rubbing alcohol to wipe the mouth piece.

As pre-filled cartridges are changed, there is no requirement to stress over cleaning up these parts, although the atomizer will require replacement after it has served its purpose.

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AirVape X Review



Vape Bright PenAirVape X is the thinnest vaporizer in the market made from the highest grade materials and the fastest heating advanced technology.

It is the larger version of the Airvape XS with a chamber that is 25% bigger.

You can pick from a vast array of artistic and sophisticated shades and the Airvape X has a steel construction which gives it a very smooth look.

It’s extremely light to carry it around and it is 4 inches tall.

With exact temperature control and an helpful screen that shows the life of the battery, time, haptic feedback and temperature, AirVape X has all the functions you need in a good quality vaporizer.

Features and Performance of AirVape X

The AirVape X has a lid that can be eliminated prior to you use it. The cover is magnetic, so it can be firmly fixed to your AirVape X. This is something that is upgraded from the Airvape XS.

It can hold a excellent quantity of herb and it is comfortable to breathe in from it, as it will not get too hot to hold.

You will discover it takes about 20 seconds to heat up the weed which is pretty quick and it has low draw resistance.

It has temperature level range of 200 ° F – 428 ° F, or 93 ° C- 220° C, high enough to warm up your weed quickly.

It produces a extremely tasty vapor as the ceramic chamber and mouthpiece can keep it pure.

The air flow box also supplies excellent cooling for the short vapor-path the Airvape X has.

AirVape X has a 1300 mAh battery which only lasts for about an hour. It does charge quite quickly however.

It is a good mid-tier air vaporizer, however if you’re primarily a wax concentrates user, it’s not the very best for usage.

Vape Bright Pen

How to use AirVape X?

When you get your AirVape X, the first thing to do is decontaminate it to get rid of any oils that might have permeated inside the vape.

1. Switch on the vaporizer by clicking the power button 3 times and heat it to the maximum temperature level. Repeat this procedure four more times to entirely sanitize your vape. You can change in between the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales by pushing and holding the up & down buttons at the same time.

2. To start vaping, initially, take off the mouthpiece. Grind the herbs you want and load them in the chamber.

3. Place the mouthpiece back on. Click the power button three times to turn on your vape. Adjust the temperature level to your liking; use the up or down button on the system to change temperature. AirVape X utilizes conduction and convection technology to accomplish lightning-fast heating.

4. The temperature will rise to your selected temperature level under 20 seconds. Inhale and enjoy!

How to utilize AirVape X with concentrate?


To utilize the AirVape X with concentrates:
1. Take off the mouth piece
2. Insert the wax pad into the chamber
3. Location product over the wax pad
4. Change the mouth piece, turn the gadget on and vaporize!

How to clean AirVapeX?


To clean your AirVapeX, you require some vaporizer cleaning tools. Acquire a vaporizer cleansing service or alcohol pads and the cleaning brush that occurs with your AirVape X.

1. First, you need to take off the ceramic mouth piece.

2. Then take the screen out of the mouthpiece and get rid of the ceramic airflow box. Soak these parts in the vaporizer cleaning solution or rubbing alcohol.

3. Secure the herbs if any in the chamber and clean the chamber utilizing the brush that included with your AirVape X.

4. After thoroughly cleaning up the chamber, reassemble the mouth piece. Put the air flow box back on, then the screen; on the screen keep the side with holes on the opposite side. Join the ceramic mouth piece back with its larger parts, and the cleansing process is complete. Refill the chamber with your herbs and vape away!

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AirVape XS GO Review

Vape Bright Pen

The AirVape XS GO provides fantastic portability. The little size and comfy grip of the XS GO makes it a ideal vaporizer on the go with an exceptional ergonomic design.

It has an oval ceramic oven that will heat up your herbs directly via conduction and convection heating.

The ceramic cover is protected with a silicone gasket and the draw resistance is balanced.

The vapour is slightly hot at high temperatures as the oven is close to the mouth piece due to the little size of the Airvape XS GO.

With a 1200mAh battery, you can have about 12 draws per bowl which is a decent for this quality.

There is some flexibility in temperature level control as you can set it at low temperature level, heat or a build up across 5 levels ranging from 180 ° C to 215 ° C.

How to 7×37″>use7x37″> AirVape XS GO?


The AirVape XS GO was developed for compactibility and portability.

With such a compact body, this vape can vanish in your fist. With its extreme portability, the AirVape XS GO is very simple and straightforward to use. To use, the AirVape XS GO is a >little> different than the AirVape X.

1. Remove the mouthpiece to put 0.3 g or 0.4 g of the preferred herbs in and place the mouthpiece back.

2. To turn on the vape, click the power button on the face of the device rapidly 5 times.

3. Next, switch through heating choices by holding the power button.

Lower temperature level heating is the very best option for you if you want more flavour in the vapour.

Intense heating is recommended if you want dense white clouds.

Choose the very best heating setting for you and then releasing the power button.

4. The gadget will then start heating up. The AirVape XS GO will take 20 seconds to reach the desired heat level.

Ensure you tidy your vaporizer after each set of sessions to prevent residue build-up, and you take pleasure in a seamless vaping experience.

Vape Bright Pen

How to clean up AirVape XS GO?


The AirVape XS GO is fairly simple to clean and maintain, with direct access to the heating chamber, the opening is big and large enough for easy cleaning.

The XS GO comes with a poker that is incorporated into the body of the vaporizer; it makes up for a cleansing tool that is constantly connected to the primary gadget.

The replaceable screen that protects the bottom of the chamber is removable to clean with alcohol or to be replaced.

There is another screen connected to the mouthpiece and is easily detachable to tidy or change.

The integrated poker and the cleansing brush that comes with the AirVape XS GO are very helpful tools that will allow you to clean your vaporizer without the inconvenience and on the go!

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AirVape Legacy

The AirVape legacy has set new requirements of design and innovation.

It has been custom-made according to the feedback of the users of the AirVape X and AirVape XS designs.

This model is unique since it is a mix of style and innovation that the clients wanted; getting rid of any shortage or defect in your vaping experience.

A result of 2 years of feedback, countless modifications and changes in style the AirVape legacy will definitely measure up to your expectations.

This device is far ahead of other gadgets of its time. It includes a heater completely based on convection innovation; it has lightning-fast heating time and wireless charging.


Where to buy AirVape?


Purchase all AirVape items and accessories online at the official AirVape website.

You can likewise search for your closest shop that sells AirVape items by utilizing the shop locator app on the website.

Simply enter your city or postcode and a list of your closest stores will be displayed.

Otherwise, you can examine around the market for any vape or e-cigarette store and buy the AirVape item of your choice.

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